This first section of the portfolio provides simplified examples of ways Dr. Antisdel can bring your content to life with multimedia interactivity.

Add interactive elements and informal, formative assessments to a video, website, or online course to improve engagement.

Create a custom video with animation and audio.

Add closed captioning to a video in order to make it ADA compliant and accessible for viewers with certain disabilities.

Screenshot of a video of Dr. Noah Antisdel that includes closed captions at the bottom

Convert a slide presentation into a video with audio and/or interactive elements.

You can bring old PowerPoint and other slide presentations to life in order to better engage your adult learners. With software applications like Camtasia, Dr. Antisdel can add audio, closed captioning, video functionality, quizzes, animations, special effects, and many other types of interactive components. Dr. Antisdel is a certified Camtasia expert.

Create Video Mashups with Green Screen Effects

Create Microlearning Videos/Modules with Assessments

The next section of the portfolio showcases various projects Dr. Antisdel has created throughout his career. Unfortunately, most of his work has consisted of proprietary templates, content, and courses in secure learning management systems. He is unable to provide access to those materials, tutorials, and courses. However, he can provide references from those organizations.

Doctoral Dissertation

The large file represents Dr. Antisdel’s doctoral dissertation on nontraditional and online student persistence and completion. It focused on four business components: a tuition rebate, online orientation course, revised academic calendar, and Borrower-Based Academic Year financial aid. Overall persistence rates increased from 67 percent to 76 percent following implementation. A differences of proportions Z test revealed considerable statistical significance (z = 21, p < .001, two-tailed). Additional analysis found statistically significant differences and/or positive student perceptions across groups on the influence of each initiative individually. The study also gathered student perceptions on various other factors. The highest rated influences on persistence and completion were the Christ-centered Focus, Online Format, and Quality of Education. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of the four-pronged strategy, while also shedding light on additional nontraditional and online student motivations.

Doctoral Literature Review

This was a paper Dr. Antisdel wrote during the second semester of a PhD program at the University of the Cumberlands, which is a private Christian university in Williamsburg, KY. Some of the research and findings are a bit outdated now, but it is all relevant and demonstrates a sound and holistic grasp of adult and online education.

Tutorial on Writing Online Courses

The linked PDF is the preliminary documentation for a course that was built in the Litmos learning management system and then the Talent LMS. Dr. Antisdel served as the instructional designer, content expert, and multimedia developer in Talent LMS.

Sample Program Planning Sheets

The attachment represents initial program planning from an undergraduate academic program for which Dr. Antisdel served as the instructional designer. The proprietary curriculum information and names of contributing faculty, content experts, editors, and elearning project coordinators have been sanitized.

Let’s build something together.

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